Sending humanitarian aid into Ukraine is possible even in larger quantities. It must be preceded by a declaration, which must include the following details:

Due to the war situation in Ukraine, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mukachevo set up a crisis group to assist the work of the Diocesan Caritas. Its aim is to help in every possible way the families, women and children in need who fled from the war regardless of their religion and nationalities. The situation is extremely serious and complex, we haven’t been in a crisis like this since the World War II. The happenings around us are incomprehensible, but at the same time, it is movingly impressive to see the countless manifestations of helpful intentions and goodwill.

Going to the mountains in peacetime has always meant something blessed. Prior to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, Transcarpathia was a picturesque region where our Mission operated. Before the war, Caritas Spes offered unique opportunities for spiritual recovery, training and active recreation for children and adults. Now all our Centers have been converted into accommodation of internally displaced persons.

Since 2006, it has been a border crossing point to the neighboring Hungarian village of Barabás.

But the need is great. People and whole families are constantly coming from the bombed counties, the endangered areas, the capital.

sttheresaSt. Theresa Rehabilitation Center was created by Vynohradiv Roman Catholic Church in 1998 to help families with disabled children. There are two groups of children - preschool and school age. The center has five rooms designed for children, where they have access to educational games. There are 6 teachers from the Department of Education who work with children.