The Diocesan "St. Martin" Caritas (central office) and review its activity and function

The "St. Martin Caritas" is a charitable foundation in the Transcarpathia County. It was founded by the Transkarpatien Roman Catholic Apostolic Regency in the year 1999. In order to beside the central co-ordination of the programs to accommodate the local Caritas activities which were founded by the Roman Catholic parishes. The purpose of the Diocesan Caritas to alleviate the necessity of the body and the soul. For this reason the "St. Martin Caritas" to help the local caritas works as follows:

- help to find the money that necessary to the programs.
- help to stream the information.
- help the effective structure with strategy plans and co-ordination works
- manage a representative work and build connections
- arrange projects which stand outside of the range of the local caritas

- In specific cases render help to get over difficulties to the range of possibility.

12 local caritas working in Transcarpathia which are make working free kitchens, kindergartens, children's homes, and rehabilitative centers. In addition have five parishes which are belong to 6 charitable establishments.

The central co-ordination programs are the follows:

- In the first days of the flood in 1998 and 2001 the flood victims got a bread and mineral water than urgent relief, later they got 500 food packets every day. 23 new houses were finished during the reconstruction program.
- We carried out a program in opposition to spread tuberculosis in the mountainory district of Okormezo during the 2001-2002 years.
- The Catholic Lyceum was founded in 2001 in Munkach.
- The Nary St. Philip children s home was opened in 2002 in Munkach.
- The "Providence House" children's complex has been beginning to build in Rat since 1993 (district of Uzhgorod). The first house which makes for the orphans was opened in November. It's one part of the children's complex.
- We have been working on a program which makes for help of the poor gypsy people and trend for the education since 2005.
- We have been occupying with the help of the addicted people since 2006.
- We have been helping the operation of the poor children since 2006.