stannaChrist is Risen! "St. Anna's" kindergarten has a tradition to celebrate every holiday with parents, especially the Christian ones. So it was at Easter - our greatest Christian holiday. It's our great joy and pride that at this time not only parents of preschool children visit us, but also godparents, relatives and friends who feel that kids of "St. Anna's" kindergarten can make the holiday even more beautiful.

Before I tell you how the holiday went let me briefly describe the way the kids prepared for its arrival.

First of all, during the Lent period, same as each Christian strives to be better and pay more attention to his neighbor, kids shared their favorite toys and tried to treat each other in best way they could so that their tiny hearts were not in anger.

From our side, we did everything in order to strengthen their desire of imitation: every day we held religious teaching; on Holy Thursday we took our preschool children to the church, where we prayed the Stations of the Cross. Oh gosh, how sincerely they answered to the questions, and even recognized on the picture Veronica who submitted a handkerchief and Simon who helped Jesus to carry the cross.

The Easter show was held at our facility on Easter Tuesday. The ceremony began with a short performance which dealt with the holy women who came to the tomb of Jesus and found it empty, only one angel was there. After the performance continued traditional folk poetry, songs and dances. During this holy time I am thinking of the possibility of these children to keep their hearts as clean as they have now. In that way neither Church, nor Hungarians would be in any danger in the future.

With prayer and love
Puliszka Eva
The head of "St. Anna" kindergarten