liceumThe St. Istvan's High School in Mukachevo opened in 2001 for students who want to learn. So this year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the existence of the institution. The 2011-2012 school years bring serious changes into the life of the lyceum. The main reason of it is the new Education Act, which has recently come into force. According to it the time of studying in secondary schools is 11 years, which means that the time of studying in the lyceum is changing from 3 years to 2 and 4. So the students can apply for admission to the institution both after 7th and 9th classes.

The changes in the law has led to other changes too. This will serve the students' better preparation, will give more opportunities for young people to shape their future, and the lively, cheerful social life will be guaranteed too.

The 4 years' lyceum means a positive change, because the students who do not know Ukranian language or know it a little, will have the opportunity to catch up the language. In the first two years an intensive Ukrainian language course will help students. It is almost impossible to succeed today without the knowledge of Ukranian language, so to acquire the state language is an important task of the lyceum.

However, we consider it extremely important to deepen the respect for Hungarian language and culture too, because we know that only that nation can have future, which recognizes and honors its own past. Therefore, we celebrate our major national and religious holidays, the performances of our students make these occasions unforgettable. The specialization of our institute will remain the computer science and foreign languages. We put a high emphasis on these and the associated lessons. There are modernly equipped classrooms and a computer room also helps students in learning. We have recently started a computer training, after finishing it students can get a document certifying computer operator qualifications. We will put a great emphasis on the teaching of foreign languages (German and English) in the future too, because for those who know more languages the world openes and expands their possibilities.

We regularly organize trips for students in Transcarpathia, but our students have already visited Hungary, Austria, Germany and Italy too. We also plan to send the best students of lyceum to participate in subsidiary studies in Austria. In addition, there will be possibilities to get acquainted personally with the cultures of neighboring and distant countries .

We have also started a tourism course within the institution, which allows students to learn about the famous places and buildings of Transcarpathia. They can learn here such things which elsewhere they can hear only a little. The tourism in Transcarpathia is gradually increasing, so there will be a great demand in the future for skilled people in this direction.

Several new programs also expand the possibilities of the students in the future. One of the novelties is media training, with the help of which students can acquire the foundations of radio broadcasting, television, cinematography, or journalism. The program also provides an opportunity for young people to show their skills in practice, they can make news reports on different events. The here acquired basis can insure the future for the gifted students in the field of media.

Accommodation is provided for both boys and girls. The feeding is also insured. There are many common programs in the student hostels too. Dance training will be held every month in the future, which is of course good not only for learning dances, but also for making friends and the formation of an active social life.

In order to become valuable and balanced adults, to know who they are and where their place in the world is, the proper mental development is necessary as well. So the retreats will continue and common occupations are going to be organized too, which contribute to the development of young people's consciousness.

In addition, subject weeks and quizes can enrich community life in high school. The thematic weekends can provide larger immersion in an issue.

Students' government also operates within the institutional framework. In addition, a rich and ever-expanding library is waiting for the young people who want to learn, and a thousand-pieces Audiovisual Collection is also available for students.

The cornerstone of the institution, however, does not change, the institution preserves the Christian spirit, the basis will continue to be the trust in God. Our team puts a great emphasis on developing the loving, accepting atmosphere and the rational discipline.