sttheresaSt. Theresa Rehabilitation Center was created by Vynohradiv Roman Catholic Church in 1998 to help families with disabled children. There are two groups of children - preschool and school age. The center has five rooms designed for children, where they have access to educational games. There are 6 teachers from the Department of Education who work with children.

There are 7 preschool children aged from 3 to 9 who have intellectual deviation. Another group counts 10 children of school age. This group includes kids who can't attend school because of physical or mental disabilities; therefore they take part of schooling at our center.

Children at our center grow with attributes of freedom and independence as much as it is possible. We work a lot on the development of their skills - we draw, sing, pray, travel (Tisza area, Mukachevo castle, Uzhgorod, Khust, Narcissus Valley) and do some handmade work.

Sick children participate in such rehabilitation procedures as massage, physiotherapy, etc. From 1998 to 2016 we have assisted more than 1,100 sick children.

Center has a total of 9 employees: manager, accountant, nurse, therapist, physical therapist, nurse, bus driver and watcher. Funds from donations cover the salaries of employees. There is a van at our center that transports affected children to our center and back to their homes. Also we rent a minivan from diocesan Caritas.

Jackánics Magdolna