feketeJozsef Fekete was my classmate in Kossuth Lajos high school in Berehovo. After graduation our paths diverged, and he went out of my sight. Today he lives in Rakhiv in a large family because with his wife they are taking care of ten children. At this time I talked to him about life, family and children.

stannaChrist is Risen! "St. Anna's" kindergarten has a tradition to celebrate every holiday with parents, especially the Christian ones. So it was at Easter - our greatest Christian holiday. It's our great joy and pride that at this time not only parents of preschool children visit us, but also godparents, relatives and friends who feel that kids of "St. Anna's" kindergarten can make the holiday even more beautiful.

"Faith and Light" community in Mukachevo

1 135x101 images stories kepek-2012 01 hf-3Everybody, even the most disabled also have been invited to be a source of joy and peace for the community, for the Church and all humanity. The "Faith and Light" - an international movement of Christian communities, which brings together the handicapped people, their parents and their supporters. In such communities the mentally handicapped get the opportunity to love and to be loved, to share the richness of their hearts, their directness, simplicity, and their loyalty.

szerednye-2Nowadays we hear more and more about violence within the family: television and radio report about such cases almost every day. We can often experience this problem, there might not be a person, who would not be touched in this topic, either by close friends, or in worse case, personally. The violence and living in fear within the family is a real problem, but unfortunately the final solution is being waited for.

liceumThe St. Istvan's High School in Mukachevo opened in 2001 for students who want to learn. So this year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the existence of the institution. The 2011-2012 school years bring serious changes into the life of the lyceum. The main reason of it is the new Education Act, which has recently come into force. According to it the time of studying in secondary schools is 11 years, which means that the time of studying in the lyceum is changing from 3 years to 2 and 4. So the students can apply for admission to the institution both after 7th and 9th classes.

babaChildren are treasures. They are the good, happiness, and hope in our life. They are our future. It is to protect their lives that all over the world the Pro Life movement has started. The movement is fighting for the life of embryos, as human life starts at the very moment of conception. From that very moment it becomes saint, honourable, and has to be protected.

enpi-2011St. Martin Caritas participates in a tender of European Union between 1st of January 2011 and 30th of April 2012. The "Parents for Children" Association in Romania (Satu Mare) transacts this project called Networking for Cultural Heritage Preservation.

kasz-logo"God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in you"(St. Augustine)

Alcoholism is an illness, which is not only damages person's physical health, but it also turns over his psychic balance. Addicted people can not control their actions. Alcoholics ruin not just their own lives, but also the lives of their beloved ones. Become free from an alcohol addiction is really difficult.

visk-1Mental handicap is an awkward question in our days. Many of us don't know what the good attitude is to these people. But they also have a desire for love, like others. This is the brace that connects us.

Meeting of the awardees of St. Martin Diocesan Caritas Scholarship

munkacs-talalkozo-1The scholarship program of St. Martin Diocesan Caritas was launched in 2007 in Transcarpathia. It aims to support Catholic young people who graduate from a Hungarian high school in Ukraine, and enroll in higher education also in Ukraine but do not have the financial means to complete the university or college program without external support.