Since 2006, it has been a border crossing point to the neighboring Hungarian village of Barabás.

Tradition holds that a chapel was once built in honor of St. Catherine on the site of the village, and the settlement developed around it. 

At this place, people do not come to the famous spa of the settlement, but try to get to safe conditions from the consequences of the war. For 20 days now, a small group of enthusiastic volunteers have been here to spare a smile, a good word, a drink and a meal for those waiting at the border. They write about it themselves:

“Our team is helping refugees at the border. It started as a voluntary initiative, and then with the help of the Diocesan Caritas - who support us with everything we needed - we got a tent and ingredients from Mukachevo. We contacted the Caritas of Barabás and they send us everything what we need. We distribute sandwiches, hot tea, sweets to children, but also we give diapers and baby food to those who need it.”