szerednye-2Nowadays we hear more and more about violence within the family: television and radio report about such cases almost every day. We can often experience this problem, there might not be a person, who would not be touched in this topic, either by close friends, or in worse case, personally. The violence and living in fear within the family is a real problem, but unfortunately the final solution is being waited for.

The Slovakian foundation Usmev ako dar (Smile as a gift) was seeking for a solution to this problem, and found it. It is true that it does not entirely solve the everyday life of the families living in terror, but allows for a new start. The organisation in Slovakia established homes for mothers and their children in crisis, where the families which were forced to escape can find a temporary home. Initiated by Radoslav Drab (president of the fundation Usmev ako dar), in partnership with St. Martin Caritas this program has started here, in Transcarpathia too. Thanks to it in 2010 the Virgin Maria Crisis Center for Mothers and their Children opened in Serednje.


The building giving place to the center is owned by a local resident, the St. Martin Caritas took it on lease. After renting the building was renovated. The home is planned to accommodate three families. At the moment the number is total, because the house gives shelter for 3 families, 5 adults and 6 children. All the three families arrived from Uzhgorod district. One of the families was forced to escape from home, because the father beat his children and wife, the other family's house burned down. Unfortunately the victims are often helpless in these situations, there is nowhere to go, therefore the functioning of this home is of great importance. The mothers and their children actually live here, the mothers go to work from this place, because they should maintain their children. But after some months spent here, they should try to continue their life independently.

The home was opened on 12th September 2010. Bishop Antal Majnek, father Andrei from Serednje, Jozef Morkvica from Hliboka and several guests from Slovakia.were present on the solemn opening ceremony.


So the institution was established due to the Slovakian foundation Usmev ako dar and to St. Martin Caritas. The institution belongs to St. Martin Caritas, but functions with effective support of Slovakian organisation.